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Andrew F. Popper is a tenured full professor and novelist. He currently holds the Bronfman Professorship at American University, Washington College of Law. He teaches torts, administrative law, government litigation, and advanced administrative law. Previously, he served as academic dean at American University's law school.

Fiction: He has published three novels: "Sunrise at the American Market," (Carolina Academic Press), "Rediscovering Lone Pine," (West), and, "Bordering on Madness: An American Land Use Tale," (Carolina Academic Press). His published poems include: “But for the Goshawk, "The Mountain Singer,” "Arringham's Market," (Pyrokinection), “First Class” (Greensilk), “The Rocker,” (Miller's Pond), “82 and Cloudy,” (Grey Sparrow), "Ingashaw,” (Forge), “The Bear,” (Chronogram), and “The Painter from Acumbaro,” (Tipton Poetry Journal).

Non-fiction: Professor Popper's works include nearly 100 books, articles, and other works. His last three books are: "Materials on Tort Reform, 2nd ed." (West, 2017); "Administrative Law: A Contemporary Law Approach, 3rd ed." Lead Author, (West 2016), and "A Companion to Bordering on Madness, Lead Author, (Carolina Academic Press). Among his recent law review articles are: "On the Necessity of Preserving Access to Civil Justice: Rediscovering Federalism,” 44 Rutgers L. Rec. 160(2017), “The Affordable Care Act Is Not Tort Reform,” 65 Catholic University L. Rev. 1 (2015), “More than the Sum of All Parts: Taking on IP and IT Theft through a Global Partnership,” 12 N.W. J. of Tech, and I.P. 253 (2014), “In Personam and Beyond the Grasp: In Search of Jurisdiction and Accountability for Foreign Defendants,” 63 Cath. U. L. Rev. 155 (2013), “Beneficiaries of Misconduct: A Direct Approach to IT Theft,” 17 Marq. I.P.L.Rev. 29 (2013), and “In Defense of Deterrence,” 75 Albany L. Rev. 181 (2012).

He has served as a consumer rights advocate, testified more than 40 times before various Congressional committees, and authored amicus curiae briefs before the Supreme Court. He is the 2016 Law School Teacher of the Year , the recipient of American University's highest award, Scholar-Teacher of the Year Award, and recipient of the Baldwin-Wallace University Outstanding Alumni Award. He was awarded the American Bar Association's Robert B. McKay Award for Excellence in Tort Law and the ABA's award in administrative law. Prior to coming to the Washington College of Law, he held an endowed chair at the University of Denver, School of Law and practiced law in Washington, DC.

Selected Works

In that most modest and unsuspecting place, a convenience store, a few people met for coffee each morning. In time, friendships and commitments emerged unlike anything they had ever known. The Market became that safe place we seek, freed of judgment and guilt, liberated from one’s externally imposed identity, an extraordinary place where things begin to happen. Questions of fidelity, fate, and compassionate life termination become central and transformative. Ultimately, the sunrise group becomes that best of all families, a family of choice, as the Market emerges as a true home, central to each character, essential to their best and most decent hopes.
After two boys enter a frozen forest, one vanishes activating a search spanning 20 years.
A not-so-civil war breaks out between a university and adjacent neighbors over a building proposal.

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