Andrew F. Popper


But For the Goshawk
Published in PYROKENNECTION (Amy Huffman, ed.), Kindofahurricane Press, 2013.
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Rediscovering Lone Pine
The inexplicable disappearance of a child deep in a frozen forest renders Grant Harper lost, alone -- and a murder suspect. Shrouded in the mystery of the vanished child and the attendant legal proceedings is an unforgettable story of family, loyalty, deep affection, and lifelong commitments between friends.

Bordering on Madness: An American Land Use Tale (2d ed.)
To the neighbors, a backyard is perfect art, changing only in color with each passing season. When a university proposes a new building on the border of the neighborhood, resistance to change takes violent form. As the community descends into aggressive and hostile tactics, the university responds with equal intensity.

Selected Works

In that most modest and unsuspecting place, a convenience store, a few people met for coffee each morning. In time, friendships and commitments emerged unlike anything they had ever known. The Market became that safe place we seek, freed of judgment and guilt, liberated from one’s externally imposed identity, an extraordinary place where things begin to happen. Questions of fidelity, fate, and compassionate life termination become central and transformative. Ultimately, the sunrise group becomes that best of all families, a family of choice, as the Market emerges as a true home, central to each character, essential to their best and most decent hopes.
After two boys enter a frozen forest, one vanishes activating a search spanning 20 years.
A not-so-civil war breaks out between a university and adjacent neighbors over a building proposal.

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